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Default My new to me ANVIL

Just picked this up.Never forged a thing in my life but have been wanting to learn .saw this on Ebay at $20 bucks with a few days left, put in a $40 bid and forgot about it.Happened to be on Ebay looking for taper shank bits and this was in my bidding on list with 3 minutes left. Said screw it and bid the $255 bucks in my wallet and won.I believe it is a cast or wrought iron body with a hardened steel face.Was completely covered in layers of paint and I was scared it was hiding a beat to hell scarred up face but the face is nice and flat virtually no hammer marks or gouges with only a tiny bit of torch cut marks near the heel.Tapped it with a 16 oz hammer,falling under it's own weight a few inches and the anvil practically throws it back.I'm asking over on Blade Forum to see if anyone can i.d. the make,there's a 21 marked in the body which I think has to do with the weight.Now I have to build me a forge :evil:

what do you guys think ?

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