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Default forklift mast not going up

my #2 lift here has been a trial by fire for me, wound up being and end to end rebuild, not much that wasnt worn out on it,literally..All I can say with surety is to be aware of safety when working on these trucks as EVERYTHING is heavy and will not hesitate to amputate or crush.Working on the mast upright in the truck poses pinch and sever dangers, best done with the mast off the truck and laid flat on the ground or shop floor..easy to work on then, safely. Of course, that requires another lift truck to pull the mast off..First thing I do is take the forks off..between tripping over them or running my forehead straight into one(yes!) I've learned..the hard of luck to you

BTW I shouldnt have to ask, but...did you check the hydraulic oil level?
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