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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
I had sliding barn style doors on the shop that was used to park equipment, RVs and boats. It has evolved imto a welding, and machining shop so no need for the sliding doors anymore. Also eliminates the 2" gap at the top of the sliding door that let all the heat out of the shop in the winter.

The new wall will be 10' wide and 14" tall. I have a 3/0x3/0 window that will go in too. the 2nd pic is the concrete footer for the new wall. Just took the forms of it today. After the wall is finished it will all be covered with tin from the replacement of the roofs from the last hail damage.

The last pic is the sliding door all cut up for firewood for next winter. My son is here from CA to help out for a few weeks.
Sound and looks like a project going on...
I only have folding doors on my shop and at times wish I just had an entry door... but moving big things in and out the big door opening will have to stay for a while until I do an add on or a separate building next to this one...

Is your other door wide enough to get equipment in and out of the shop when you need to ??
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