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Tommy , Hmmm , how do I put this . The new shop was Denied in December , Lawyers will handle it from here and that I all I can say about it .
So with that out of the way , the "new combination machine area and mechanical room" has a bank gravel floor which was great for getting me out of the dirt and mud that was in there but became polluted with steel dust from grinding and burning over the years , I covered the floor with 2B stone to get away from the black dust that was getting tracked everywhere I went .
Now the plan is to fix the footers and pour a concrete floor with pex tubing it it for heat . Replace one section of concrete floor in the work bay , that section won't have the pex tubing in it as that area will be unheated unless I will be working back there on a project . A lot will be happening in the next few weeks . Dan
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