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Default Storage building and double doors

More photos
  1. Storage building mess
  2. One of four fire rated double doors I have
  3. Progress , my 14" chain wrench , 14" & 24" aluminum handled RIDGID pipe wrenches hung up .
  4. My big wrenches for the crawler
The mess that is shown in these photos was a lot worse than it is now , Almost all the cased tools were setting on benches , on the floor and on several small shelves that were spread out around the shop .
In photo # 4 of post #7 you can clearly see the set of shelves that were built over the last few weeks for the cased tools . Not only did that free up a lot of space but it got all them in one place that can be quickly surveyed for attendance in the shop . No more rooting around for a tool .
Photo # 1 in post #7 shows a bench in the bottom left hand side , that had way too many boxes of stuff sitting on it , most of the Stuff in the boxes was junk or just plain trash and was sorted out of the good parts and either burnt up or sent out to the scrap barrel's .
Once the bench is out of there I will move the two engines and the stand the one engine is on out to the storage tent , to free up more room .
After the shop is done then comes the storage building , it is not as bad as it looks from the outside looking in . It needs a good organizing .
The door in photo two of this post is a 2hr fire rated door that is one of four that came out of a school remodel that I was on as an apprentice in 1998 . Two of then will be my inside doors between the front ( machine area ) and back (welding , auto repair and project build area ) shop . They need a good stripping and a coat of POR-15 then a lite sand paint job .
I do have progress to report I have managed to get some of my tools organized , and out of my roll away chest .
More tomorrow , I have a lead on a 10hp 3-phase motor for a RPC . Dan
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