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Default N/W Pennsylvania Shop Redo

Since I bought the lathe and needed a different layout in the front of the shop to fit everything in there I decided while I was at it , I will fix a couple of problem areas . Two of the problem areas involve broken footers . which happen to correspond to where the original doors were in the building .
Since the front of the shop is where the lathe will reside , I want to close it off from the back of the shop and do my welding , grinding and general dust making back there . I have two sets of two hour fire rated double doors which will give me a nice wide doorway in and out of the shop . Once the lathe is in and the shop is tidy , I will start on the footers .
The footer under the main door was broken by a root growing through a crack in the foundation , the root was removed years ago and the building has settled back down into place . I am going to remove the broken part of the footer , dig down a little deeper , and then add a rebar cage that will be epoxied into the existing footers . Then form the new threshold to the correct height .
The major damage done to the footer was from freezing and thawing over the years , it did not help that ground water level there was at about 18" before we tiled the area . Since the tile was put in the building has not moved . The footer where the double door needs to go has the same problem . I will dig it out and replace it also . Once that is done then everything in the front of the shop will come out and the "new" concrete floor will be poured . The shop has has had a bank gravel floor for the last 24 years and I guess it is time for a concrete floor with radiant heat in it .
Today I finally got the work bench moved out of the way , the accumulated junk and trash picked up , and the 2B stone down there . I went to hang the SS box that ill be the control panel for the RPC and discovered I had to move the clock , the thermostat , and take down one power cable for my welder . So I have one dead welding outlet in the back part of the shop but I do have one welding outlet left in the shop .
Photo 1 , you can see the original door in this photo , it has the posters on it ( yes that is Pamela Anderson when she was young and pretty ) . The door was made from 1 X pine and 1/4" plywood , it does not seal well and since I live in N/W Pennsylvania and that is the northwest corner of the shop it can get right chilly standing there . I have a Stanley steel insulated door that I will either buy a frame for or build one from wood . The old door is 42" wide and the new door will be 36" wide . Yes there is a ringer up above the box and a buzz saw blade hung there for many years .
Photo 2 , this picture is a little fuzzy but it is my shop clock , which was a Valvoline clock that hung in the service station my dad and uncle owned before I was born . It has a neon light in it but it makes the meter spin faster than when my air compressor is running . Would like to get the clock restored but I doubt if the blue paint will come off without ruining the artwork below it . It has served me well in the shop for many years , it losses about a minute every three to four months .
More photos tomorrow . Dan
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