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Default Cracking aluminum

Bending up some 6061 1 1/4” aluminum sch 40 pipe and I start having problems with cracking all of the sudden. 700 linear foot over the last few months and a couple different lot#’s of pipe. Not a problem until Saturday morning when a joint cracks about 40 degrees into a 45 degree bend. Try again on the same piece and bam! 30 degrees in and another crack... try a new piece and it cracks within 20 degrees, rinse repeat and I have 4 20’ sticks left. As I go out to the trailer to compare lot #s on the remaining pieces I notice one pipe is split down the middle almost its entire length. Has anyone seen this before?

I tried annealing the pipe that was cracking and have had mixed results. One bent a full 180 and the other bent about 160 degrees before breaking.

NOTE: the piece split down the middle has not been bent or modified at all. It is in the condition that it was delivered in.
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