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There had to be a sleeve or housing for the 1 inch bronze bearings/bushings that slide on the chrome bar.

I hunted around & came up with a part from one of those old Texas Inertia Nut Crackers that were popular for a while 25 years ago or thereabouts.
All I had left of it was the hammer, the part that was driven by rubber bands to slam into the pecan & fracture it. It is approximately 1.5" diameter x 4.25" inches long. The bushings are 1.25" O.D.

1. So I chucked it up in little Charlie, turned the stain off the outside, trimmed the ends a bit and we bored a hole through it for a starting point.

2. Old Claude was kind enough to drill it out to 1 inch.

3. Then it was up to Mildred to bore it out. She had no idea just how boring all this was going to become.
We relieved the middle part of it to slightly over 1 inch to clear the guide bar then wallered out the ends to accept about 1.5" of bushing on each end.

4. After we got it bored out to the point the bushings acted like they wanted to fit I deemed it good enough.

5. Then I used the old Wilton to press them in, stopping occasionally to check alignment compatibility with the guide bar. That worked out well.
The next step would be figuring out how to interface this sleeve to Mildred's head.
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