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So many questions! Firstly, welcome to the forum Farmersamm. The plan is to get in the field as soon as possible I guess. Dad and I haven't really discussed when we'd get out there to get rocks.We mostly chisel plow our corn, wheat and bean ground, and moldboard the hay ground, so we could maybe get out there right after chisel plowing before we disc, or after the first pass of the disc after moldboarding. Typically it's plow, disc once, and depending on the field cultimulch it, or disc it again with a set of drag following behind. As far as spacing goes, most of the one I saw online or in magazines were spaced anywhere from 3/4" to 3 1/2" O.C. This bucket is at 2" O.C., and we're figuring it'll be good enough. Maybe more like hoping. The reason I spaced it on 2" O.C. is b/c we're trying to get the smaller rocks that you'll plant right over and never see, only to suck em' through the chopper or baler when you're making hay.
Originally posted by Farmersamm:Next question I have is about the lower backside rear corner of the bucket. I can't see what's left of that portion of the bucket you're cuttin' apart. I dunno if there's any meat left at that point. I see where you've added the flat, and I hope it's not meant to support the tines.
I'm not quite sure where you're talking about on the bucket here, but if it's the rear, all the flat is for is to support the rear of the tines. the verticle bars on the back will be welded into the lip on top, and I'm going to weld flats in between all the tines about 2/3 of the way back, all the way across and to the sides of the bucket. As far as the wear bar, that probably won't do a whole lot. The digger tines are welded directly to the original cutting edge, which is in decent shape, so with the extra rigidity of the 3/8" flat on edge, and all the 1/4" pieces (uprights, rear flats and spacers across the bucket), I think it'll be ok. Plus, the sides are still solidly attached to everything, sans the orignal floor, so I've still got that to transfer the different forces of digging. Time will tell of course.
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