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I grew up on a rock pile in Central Alberta that had medium heavy clay soil with lots of glacial rocks. If it was at all damp, the heavy clay soil wouldn't drop through any grating you could build that would be strong enough to withstand the forces needed to dig out and or load rocks.

We used a 900 Case tractor to pull a Degelman ground drive rock picker that had 5/8" plate teeth on the reel and 5/8" plate capped with +/- 3/4" x 1 1/2" straps on the apron. Dad and I spent many an afternoon with the oxy acet and tiger torch straightening those teeth. We were quite tempted to trade the old Degelman for a Leon with a slotted floor in the rock tub, but never managed it. I see the newer Degelman's have a slotted floor in the tub and hydraulic reel drives.

The loader buckets that were commercially available had 1" round bar teeth spaced at 3"-4" on center. I don't know what steel was in those rods, but they'd bend long before they broke. Degelman also makes a prong type rock picker that sees similar forces to a bucket. I see the teeth are spec'd at 1"x2".

This is all to point out that I think that the teeth shown need to be stronger horizontally that the flat iron on edge for rock service. Even though the bucket previously posted has thicker flat iron teeth, it also has another strap welded horizontally along the bottom of each tooth.

My $.02 FWIW,
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