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Originally Posted by Oscar View Post
Perhaps you are making an assumption as to just how much weld is to be used. IF you over-estimate that, then I can see why you would say that 0.015" over that size is out of reach. And besides, it's ± 0.015", not absolute. So there could be up to 0.030" absolute variation, which is fine for what I need it. Hint: It's not welded as much as you think.

Meh…it’s a welding table.

I’m a toolmaker by trade, I have a granite surface plate is I need absolute flat. Next is an aluminum reference/fixture plate, think of a cast iron surface plate, except in aluminum, about 30” x 54” long, and within likely +/- .003” or so over the entire surface.

Last is my 3’ x4’ welding table, 1/2” thick, maybe within 1/16-1/8”? Usually the aluminum plate is on it anyway so it gets used as a welding surface. [emoji4]

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