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100 grand really is not out of the picture, this is a show/working truck, redone top to bottom.

The frame horn I would have to find out about, as this is before my time. I am thinking it would be much the same as the drop down frame extension that Pete is currently using. The drop down section on the pete is aluminum and incorporates the hood mount and front spring saddle.

Sounds like you have been around a truck or two, have a decent shop and a variety of parts to work from. I will do some research on that era of truck.

Going with a straight frame appeals to me, you will need to fab brackets etc for cab hood mounts, especially when you have an available frame in the yard to start with. The cost and time trying to find the exact replacement frame for that year, difficult at best I would think. Using a aluminum frame for a working truck, I would not do. Installing the KW 8 bag, that would be expensive, including cross members. While you have all this apart, time to sandblast and prime. Your project will get up there in costs, of course with a frame looking so good, time to refurb and paint the cab/hood, then all new chrome, poilished budds, new rubber and all mechanical items checked and renewed, throw on that fancy exhaust job and a new rad and air to air, nice upholstery inside, like I always say, its only money.
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