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Here's the calculator that I use all the time--very handy. Accurpress is only a few miles down the road from our shop and their die shop usually has a good selection of "shorts" available. We've picked up a great selection of dies for our little 4 ft. Promecam brake. Everything from 3/4" wide to 4" wide in a variety of lengths. We also have a few home-made bottom dies for some special applications that have come along.

We bought this brake on a whim about 8 or 9 years ago and we've been amazed at how much use we've actually gotten out of it. We went to another business to look at a No. 3 Diacro bender that was for sale and the guy we were dealing with asked us if we were interested in the Promecam as well. It wasn't working right--wasn't making any pressure--but we took a chance and grabbed it too. Got the brake and the Diacro for 2000 bucks. When we got the stuff back to the shop I found a loose fitting on the pressure side of the hydraulics, tightened it up and the thing has worked like a charm ever since...

Accurpress Tonnage Calculator

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