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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
That was educational to watch. Nice to hear your voice too. Makes the instruction more personal. I have noticed over the last few vids that you are becoming more relaxed in your presentation. Looking more professional all the time. Nail polish was a nice touch too.

Thanks.. I prefer the titles.. I dislike the verbal on videos.. With this said, I keep getting asked to do the verbal and the problem is because as I work there is no story board..

I simply forge the item.. In a demonstration or teaching time frame I am talking and explaining the whole time..

On film the reheat times get deleted so all this information gets deleted.

Which means now doing both..

People often equate the titles as a less better way to do it.. For me it's the exact opposite.. I can always stop to read them.. But you can't stop to hear.. so then have to rewind it and play it again..

There is a reason why I started with the titles and dual screens.. LOL..

I'm just doing what the audience wants.. Though it just means more work for less pay.. (they are free to watchers)

Not sure how much longer they will stay that way..

Well, thanks..

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