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Default Fluid Film or paint?

Going to put new wood deck on my trailer. Been due for couple years now. I already have the wood, used 2x12s from a building I tore down couple years ago. Last wood I put on I got probably 10 years out of, and was rough sawn soft maple from trees I cut on my own property.

I have several couple cross braces rusted out, that I had added into the trailer after my dad and I bought it in 1994, and had an accident with it damaging the tongue. Not sure if I am going to replace or just take them out. Trailer weighs in about 2500 lbs, so a little less weight might not be a bad thing.

I am under a deadline to get the wood deck back on, ( within 2 weeks in time for daughters wedding, which I will be using trailer to haul table and chairs to the event, (yes, I like to procrastinate til last minute)

I was planning on just putting the new wood on and maybe just spraying some paint on the trailer just to make it look a little better for the day. I have a cabinet full of mistinted automotive paint, that I was just going to mix up a five gallon Pail and whatever the color comes out too, is it. I don’t want to do the proper job of sandblasting and such.

My question is, if I was to just spray the underside of the trailer with fluid film over the rusty metal, would that be worth it to help the trailer last another 20 years? Or will that just help trap whatever moisture that may be in the metal and cause it to rust out faster? I know this has happened before when I just paint something without really doing a proper job and getting everything sealed with paint, or painting without using a primer first.Click image for larger version

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