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I was expected to go to college and I did, despite expressing an interest in machining. Folks didn't even want me to take a typing class, because I would have a secretary to do that for me.

So I took drafting, did a couple years in architecture. Then laborer and motorcycle mechanic for a year. Went back to college in pre-med and graduated with a degree in horticulture.

Did a stint with Peace Corps in Thailand and also worked with refugees. Came back and took some electrical/electronics courses. Bench tech, draftsman then sales engineer and product manager. Bulk of my career was technical sales.

Fast forward a generation ... older boy was clever and got a 4 year engineering scholarship to VCU. We didn't apply, they just found it for him. Young one took some of the last shop classes offered in his high school. Went on to community college for welding and machining. Got a job at Alstom doing TIG welding on gas turbine blades before he even finished the class.

He went on to do machining and now, in his third job at that, he's found a place with decent people and a living wage. He can concentrate on his passion, which is fighting parts, not management.
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