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Originally Posted by toprecycler View Post
on to 2nd design. I can see where the movement of the cutting bar helps go thru the soil though. It sure looks like you are getting a good body shaking though. Good way to mix up your stomach contents to better process your lunch.

Any worries about the vibrations doing damage to the tractor though? The front end seems to be bouncing quite a bit. Would hate to see the front wheels break off due to all the jumping up and down.

If you had live hydraulics, or maybe run a hydraulic pump off the PTO, and then use a Hydraulic motor to run the Eccentric drive, you could then use a flow valve to vary the speed of the motor. Not sure of your resource pile of hydraulic pumps and motors. Other down side is another possible problem of leaking Hydraulic oil in your farm field if something breaks.
It is a small tractor and that sure contributes to the front shaking. If it was a 30 to 50 hp tractor, it would have enough mass to stop the bounce. This is 1100 lb and 20 hp. I could have tried more forward speed and keep the pto speed down. I never had time to experiment before it blew out.
My resource pile has some triple pumps, and a complete hyd drive from a cement mixer.
I do have a pto pump also. No hyd motors at present.

At this point, including the pto shaft, and various other drive experiments, the cost is around 500 bucks. I think that with the improvement in how it cuts with a stationary blade, I should mark this down as a failure and just go with what I have now.
The previous stationary 28 inch cutter dragged like a dead horse. This one, although wider by almost a third, is ok to pull.
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