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Originally Posted by markttu View Post
No problem. Sorry I'm not more help... having never used an Android phone makes helping a bit more difficult

It is not your fault that I can't operate my own phone. These types of things are a challenge to me let alone trying to do something on a phone that I have barely learned to turn on and off.

A little while ago I did find the SFT app in a place I have already checked a couple of times. Only difference this time is that I shut the phone off and charged it because it was almost dead. It does not make any sense that the phone would have to be re-booted just to load an app, but evidently that must be how this thing works............maybe not.

Anyway's I put in my password and can check out most of the SFT sections except "for members only", and still can't post/reply to messages. I will tinker with it to see what I am overlooking.
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