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Default I'm on my way!

My Google Maps makes it 480 Miles and about 5 Hrs drive. I wonder if there is commercial airline service to Chautauqua County-Dunkirk Airport?

If I can free the time I'll sign up. Let me know when you plan to start the class.

I am particularly interested in learning to TIG as I can mess things up o.k. with MIG and I'll probably never be any good at stick!

One caution I would take before I spent any money on this is to check with your insurance agent about any possible legal liability that you might be exposing yourself to.

He can write a policy to protect you and your friend for probably a reasonable amount of premium. You should of course, include that as a cost in figuring your class fee. (It is also a legitimate write-off on next year's Federal and NYState income tax along with uniforms, welding expendables, safety equipment etc).

Last year we had a boy nearly take off part of his hand during a shop class at the local BOCES. Our ER physician at Nyack Hospital and a marvelous young Hand surgeon who recently joined our staff put him back together, but the cost to the school's insurance carrier was in the mid 5 figures. Fortunately his family didn't sue.

Let us know how things are going and the class dates as early as possible.

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