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Default Welding Training

I am frequently asked about teaching welding classes in my shop. I always enjoyed sharing what has taken me years to learn the hard way and if I can make a few bucks why not. I have a friend who is also an excellent welder with about the same amount of experience as myself (20 yrs) My initial thoughts run something like this:

Saturday or Sunday classes
10am-6pm with one hour lunch
very small class 6-8 people max (3-4 per "instructor")
Students can bring their own mig/tig if they have one for proper setup and operating instruction
apprx 1 hour of parts preparation, different properties of ferrous non-ferrous materials basic layout etc
3 hours Mig (mostly hands on with our machines)
1 hour Tig basics/theory
2 hours Tig hands on

Price will be 195.00 per student for the day and will include lunch and materials. They will need to bring their own gloves etc, but we will provide everything else including helmets.

Wondering if anyone (especially newbie welders) has any comments...good idea/bad idea, what you would like to learn etc.
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