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Default Imagineer's Toolbox


Okay, I screwed this up - 2 or 3 times - I meant for it to go in the Projects Index in the first place but it wound up in the General Information forum instead. This was a pia to try to post anyhow because of the three different file types & most of them exceeded the filesize limits to begin with & I really still don't know if the links are going to work for you.

So I am moving it to the Fabrication forum like it shoulda been in the first place so you guys can comment on it & imagineer can add to it. And then I can link to it from the Index as usual.

Thanks to imagineer for his work on the files.


Toolbox by imagineer

This is a departure from the norm because it does not link to an original thread, and because it includes the cad drawings provided by imagineer. They are in 3 forms so you can view them as .dwg, .dxf or .jpg files, depending on the software you have available.
The photos of the tool boxes are were originally attached to this thread by rocketier:

Stainless tool box

The pictures of the toolbox:

Picture #1.
Picture #2.
Picture #3.

And the .jpg drawings are attached below in the first 2 photos and the .dwg follow them.
They were done in AutoCAD 2004.

Finally, the .dxf files were far too large to post as attachments so imagineer zipped them but they were still too big so finally I uploaded them to my domain so I could at least link them here. I hope you can download and view them - if you have the software.


2. toolchest2

3. toolchestlift3
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	toolchest2_compressed.jpg
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Size:	90.3 KB
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Name:	toolCHEST LOCK IN LID-compressed.jpg
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Size:	45.5 KB
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File Type: dwg toolchest2_lid_lift.dwg (176.4 KB, 657 views)
File Type: dwg toolchest2sm.dwg (155.2 KB, 499 views)
File Type: dwg toolCHEST LOCK IN LID.dwg (145.3 KB, 458 views)

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