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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post

The only time it pays to own, is if you use so little of it that your rental lasts 2 years or more. Then you should buy.
At one time, I had a small leased cylinder of welding gas for a small wire feed welder. The annual lease was 107$. A new tank at the time was 300$. I sold the welder and gave the purchaser the gas. He returned the cylinder and bought one. The lease was up, but Air Liquide's credit department hounded me for two years for lease payment, Even though the cylinder had been returned (with paperwork.)

I inherited Dad's oxy acet torches complete with the b size acetylene and 80 cu.ft. oxygen tanks. They were Air Liqide customer owned tanks. They are quite old ,but still 1/3 full. Should be interesting when I need a refill.
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