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In the past, my gas use was often almost nothing for weeks, or months. Sometimes years. I’d need a small amount for a repair here and there. Then when a large project came along I’d use a bunch in a short period of time.

Where I was, anything over 100 cubic feet of gas was lease only, no customer owned tanks. Smaller tanks can be leased, my guess is that not many folks do. The first tank I had was leased, when I went to renew the rent they asked why didn’t I just buy it. The numbers made more sense so that’s what I did.

I found that the welding supply would swap any of the small tanks for different gases. So I started watching, and found that it was often easy to find deals on acetylene b tanks like the plumbers commonly use. I also put the word out and would get calls from friends, I ended up with three tanks that were found in a dumpster, a couple from yard sales, and other strange places.

I never had issues swapping them out for useful (to me) tanks. The guys would even say that some were likely either owned tanks, or leased tanks that got ‘lost’ and wrote off, and just swapped them out for me.

Over the last 20 years I’m up somewhere around twenty to twenty five tanks. There’s a batch at my brothers place in Ontario, another in storage, and I brought eight or so west with me, enough to have each of the 4 main gases I use, and a spare of each.

I haven’t swapped any out here yet, in fact today is likely the first day that I’ll be using the welders since I got out here.

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