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All the cones we formed were 2 piece (formed in halves). Digger is right on the money with making a template. You can do a few bends and eyeball it with the template. To tight and a bunch of light shining under the template. Step on the bastard to open it up a little easily done with 10 gauge. Then back off on the bends going forward from that point, Our shop was mainly geared to making pipes, stacks, ductwork and transitions (square to round 1 duct to 2 etc) I don't know the layout math because I'm a mathematical "Tard" But, give me the parts and cut me loose on a press brake and I'll build you some cones transitions and whatnot. Our Pacific press was a Fuckin Monster 1250 ton and 20' between the side frames of the press plus a 2Ft. horn on the end for making cones and transitions. Press brake was one of my favorite machines in the fab shop unlike the angle rolls (AKA the Corkscrew Maker) God I despised that bastard.
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