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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
It's a press brake. I have another die with the same bottom depth and slightly narrower, might butt that up to get length and do some test pieces to see how that goes.
If all else fails I will split it in two pieces.
Since you have a press brake, you're golden. Butting two dies together to get full length has been done forever, but they are usually the same profile. I take it the inside V is narrower, not just the outside. Can you rake the top punch frame to account for the slightly narrower section?

On edit, I left out some info in my first post. Changes are in italics.

1.5" die = .75 between bends on the small end

8*pi = 25.132
25.132/.75 = 33.5 bends

So call it 32 bends
360/32 = 11.25 degrees/bend

25.132/32 = .7854 between bends
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