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Welp, just to bring this to a conclusion, I was talking about Mc Master - Carr. I had commercial accounts with 3 of the 4 big supply houses, for years. When they got stupid about filling my inbox, my personal account, and would not stop., I started closing the accounts.

The window outfit I was working for, around that time, had a buyer, and all purchases had to go thru him. (yep, you guessed it, he was a world class beancounter and wouldn't buy any thing with out a PO, job number, machine or area of final use...( When the line supervisors started blaming maint for down time, we were in the breach. We had to wait till the next shift for a bolt, and then get chewed for not using the system. You all know who won that battle. Did I mention the buyer was the coo's BIL?)

Anyway, MC emailed me back with a phone number to direct order, first go $9.17 for one tube. $8.99 to ship it to me, no deals, no alternative shipping. I called back a couple of hours later, to add several items to my order, this time the shipping was $6.00 (it's after 7 PM, next day,I still don't have it)

The prices quoted were OK for the small quantities of fasteners I needed, So I didn't bitch, I just paid.

It's a good thing I'm not trying to make a living anymore. between substandard parts and tool quality from offshore suppliers, gonzo shipping rates, and inflation, I'm truly surprised that anybody can make a living.

Anyway, everybody come down off the governor, I have.

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What I really need to know is, WHEN DOES THE SHOOTING START?
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