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Originally Posted by MetalWolf View Post
...this is the part that bolts the cylinders to the case and the guy does not want to split the cylinders of the case to do this repair... So I might just have to walk away from it as all the others did...
Walk away...

Some customers think they are smarter than you and because they are paying you, they can tell you how to do things. I will NEVER quote a time on repairing someone else's fuckup and have turned away more than I've attempted.

I have a car in the shop I'm working on for my neighbor "as a favor". Trying to get the A/C working. Main problem is the cooling fans aren't coming on and the two are controlled by a cooling fan control module. Instead of properly diagnosing the module (probably bad, but pricey) they have run a wire to the A/C clutch and removed the A/C pressure switch. I determined one of the fans was bad and decided to take a break from it...

This is a $1000 car she is trying to turn into a $2000 car with working A/C. Working A/C cars will demand a premium, even if they are shitboxes. She already owes me $120 for repairing a couple cooling connections and charging a beat battery numerous useless times after telling them it is bad. "Oh keep charging it, it will come around"... A good used battery solved the electrical issues.

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