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So the code has a bunch of math gibberish that is over my head and its easier to try and remember it but basically circuits up to 30 need a wire as big as the other conductors and some circuits to 60A and or 6 wire need 10.
Its tempting to want to simply upsize at every turn but not always a great idea as other parts then not compliant etc. This may include the machine plugged in to it in regards to internal fault protection.
Anyone remember an old timer was an electrician Hank on the Hobart Miller,,, well he had finally come to the conclusion of hook it up to a 10 cable and weld away, worry about what if later, had all modest equipment and knew it wouldn't over heat it, simple as that.
Welders in the compact 240 class non inverters work rather well with 12 cord. They allow 50 ft of 14, I put it 50 ft of 12. Give him 2 outlets where he was gonna use 1 and both will make direct machine plug available vs a cord across the whole building. Wired both outlets to the same breaker. Not daisy chained.
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