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Default Older BF Deals and tool sortation...

Pic1: more corporate waste and NO paper inside so items were flopping...

A couple Husky items from BF past... Last year's 200pc socket set for $80. A socket bit set from a couple years ago for $15 at my store, they were $30 this year. Wrench trays were $15.

Just now got around to opening the sockets and racking a couple sets. The rest stayed in the box and back on the shelf until next year?

I bought the bit set because it was a good deal and to fill in missing sockets from various sets. Haven't really got around to that yet. I almost racked them to get rid of the blow-mold case. Maybe next year?

A little more org in the wrench drawer... I have a bunch of culling of duplicates to do...

And more tool investment. That "square-cut torx" socket was $11 and is SPECIFICALLY for the bolt shown. The bolt holds the cam adjuster on the end of the camshaft. A regular torx will not work and will create far more than $11 worth of work when it strips the bolt head out. T55 is too big and T50 is too loose.
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