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Originally Posted by Lew Hartswick View Post
My point was, so is the company Dayton and the name on the jack Daytona .
Just as the towns in Fla and Ohio . One is Daytona and the other Dayton .
Maybe a vision problem???
Lew, forgive my lack of attention to what you were pointing out...
I see your point now originally they were Dayton being mfg. by Dayton
when they were first offered...

I'll get some pics of the two Dayton's my buddy bought and my friend at the tire shop, bought 6 from HF they were 189 originally.
There may have been some change when several colors started being offered as to when they first started with the Daytons they were only available in yellow only!

I personally have not been to an HF store in two years that I can remember...
but I know when they were selling Dayton been a while back had no idea the changed name or suppliers but original Dayton's were coming from Grainger locally. So I was originally informed

I'll have to ask my HF corporate fried what the hell the deal is with the "Daytona" and maybe go see one for comparison.

HF has done some good upgrading to their tools and equipment on some, but at the same time, they have done some real backhanded "Shit" downgrading with only an appearance to look as if it's quality... the proverbial polishing the turd to trick the eyes...
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