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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
The one I linked has both hot and cold from the same valve. don't know if they can be blended, but I assume so.
Now I would have to figure out what junk to throw out, to have a baƱo or wash area.
You mentioned you were in a mobile home, in an area with neighbors. Do you have an acreage?
Only, a tiny 1-1/2 acre place here...
And, Yes. I live in a mobile home... So, Yep, I'm bonafide native white trailer trash!
El Bano for the shop here is! to point your ass towards the trees and let it bring out the "Bear" in ya.

I mainly just like the convenience of the little tankless jobbers. either one, I think will work. but, I am not sure how hot it will get, even if half as hot... of what the house will do is good enough
and the fact it's so compact it the selling point for me having limited space ill see if my little sink is still easy to get to and get a pic of it... and will give you an idea of shop space it will and wil not be taking up...

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