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Between today and yesterday I spent about five hours getting set up to strip the old shingles off the roof.
After getting the Super-H started, moving some wood, and figuring out how to move the four wheeler. I used a lifting strap threaded through the rear rack, my one chain and a shackle to lift the rear of it. I used a small ratchet strap to secure the handlebars, straight ahead. Once lifted, I slowly backed up, then when the four wheeler came around straight, I went forward to the place I wanted to park it for now.
Then I had to go and retreive the second bed liner from behind the chicken yard. Once it was hooked up I drug the bed liner around to the shop. Changed the rigging and lifted it up to dump the leaves and junk out of it. I then moved it around to the north side of the shop. Parked the tractor and punted for the day.
I spent about an hour finishing up moving stuff from the north side of the shop. Moved the bed liner into place and called it a day on that project.
Weather does not look good for stripping the roof this week. I will keep an eye on it and decide later this week.
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