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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
No, it is Xplornet. They do both land based and satellite.

I can understand a small extension for trash in the bottom, but some of these are real deep and the water is not.

I understand, and maybe incorrectly, that it is fairly easy for a well driller to ream an existing hole. My drilling knowledge is in rock and it sure is easier in that stuff. I am fairly sure that my water comes from the coalbed, and not solid rock. The coal is above the shale here. That would also explain the high volume, as a flat bed will draw water from miles around.
With careful examination of the well records, which are public data, you may be able to determine the aquifer being drawn from. You may also see if the layer you are drawing from is cased off in those wells (to avoid iron issues?) and a deeper aquifer in use. An excuse for a rainy day research project....

Looks like the SQ pump in the link Milo posted is the one for this. The others are for larger casing. 700U$D seems a bit steep. I paid 550 canuckbucks for the submersible pump I bought for 4 1/2" casing this last Feb. It wasn't a name brand though, just what was on the shelf at the local farm supply.

Water well drillers have better success pulling casing than the oilfield. Mostly because they rely on clay seals and cuttings to fill around the pipe, while most petroleum wells have cemented in casing. The other reason is that many wells are only cased as far as the first competent rock and have a liner run below. My well is all of 40' deep and I'm sure only had 25' of 6" steel casing in it. I cased it about 10 years ago with 40' of 4 1/2" sched 40 plastic pipe. I slotted the first 10' joint with a hacksaw and sealed around the top with bentonite.
Design to 0.001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit..

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