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Originally Posted by Scratch View Post
Nice looking belt sander! I finished mine last year (I think) but my controller for the treadmill motor went out and I haven't found a replacement for it yet. I thought it was the motor but had it tested and they said it was fine so it must be the controller. Not sure what to do, I may have to get some of those round tuits myself soon.
Thanks Scratch. Nice thing about treadmills are that many use standard parts so if you can find another treadmill, perhaps you can grab another controller. There seem to be a couple of variations of them, but also some good websites where guys have modified them for use. The biggest difference I have noted so far is that some require a pulse train to trigger the controller and some just need the external potentiometer. I have both around here but used the simple one for this sander.

Wanted ads on your local Kijiji or Craigs list might produce a treadmill with controller pretty quick..?

Good luck with yours.
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