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I needed to make a set of ''hooks'' for the top, and a set of ''pins'' for the bottom in order to make them ''Quick Attach''.... I could have bought the hooks and pins from JD, But decided to make my own!

I was trying to figure out what to use to make the hooks, and I found a piece of 3'' pipe in my scrap pile, and thought it would be great to use because of the ''rounded'' part!

I cut the pipe down the middle, and then made another cut to take out a part so I could bend it easier!... It was too short to make the bend in my pipe bender, So I put it in a vise and used a 5FT. piece of pipe to straighten it out!

Then I put the ''curved part'' under the forks, and took a sledgehammer to make it flat.

The small pieces of 3/8'' metal was cut to weld on top of the hooks for support like on the JD hooks.

After I welded the hooks on.. Then I used a large wrench to bend them more so the pins would fit better!

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