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Default Update...

So the lead is gone. Final tally of corncobs was about 320lbs. I sold 120lbs of those for $90 (.75/lb).

The remaining corncobs, 68lbs of dive weights, 75lbs of crusty sinkers, 60lbs of wheel weights and 2 ratty burners, molds, etc went for $225/all. I valued the dive weights and sinkers at .50/lb and wheel weights at .25/lb. The melting/smelting burners/molds were a "giveaway" but maybe worth $20-$30 to the right person. To see it all go at once was worth it to get it out of my way.

All-in-all I made about $200 profit off of the lead. Both buyers were going to cast deep-sea fishing sinkers with it...

In the Member's Only Firearms section I outlined the "pencil test" for determining hardness but there is no easy way to see what is "in" the lead.

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