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Originally Posted by MetalWolf View Post
I am referring to that garbage that is concentrated you mix 50/50 with water never does anything but cause rust to happen... they might now carry another brand of generic and are some out there but chemically the same and priced as such... Ospho is just the brand I swear by and has never let me down.
Concentrated is pure strength generic ospho. If people are mixing it 50/50 with water, then that is where the issue is. Only a cup of water at most is needed to mix into a gallon of it. Anymore and that is where the problems occur. Lowes is still selling the same brand of it that I bought over 15 years ago and it still works as good today as it did back then. I am sticking with it as I refuse to pay more for a brand name product that I can pay less for a generic product for a lesser price but does the same thing as the over rated over priced product.
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