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Well here is the outcome... The system developed a leak in one of the return lines! And upon the leak, he drove it approx 280 miles putting fluid here and there to get it back here... The system if fluid specific so now we have a damage new PSP and lots of blown seals in the High-pressure lines at the connections form apparently cavitating at high temperatures

So now come Wednesday I will replace all and be 100% sure I ordered me a vacuum adapter kit for specifically vacuuming power steering systems...
Fing crazy what they want for a good adapter set for this but I do enough of PSP replacement it warrants buying the kit.

They make a cheap stopper set but I think he better cap and plug kit will be maybe longer lasting but I'm trying to decide just who to order it from. as price varies from dealer to dealer 65-95 but all almost look identical in the kits...

I believe they are all rebrands of the same including the OEM brand and I think OTC might be as well.

Anyway, I am dreading this because it is a nightmare to get to all the crap and I'll be repeating all the same labor as when I replaced all the belts and tensioners and etc. tons of shit to pull of just to get to any of it including pulling the fender well and skirt...

OH HOW I HATE Working on F'ing Fords But life is too darn short to whine about a little spilled milk ay... But with my torn muscle I'll be doing plenty of whining and wailing I'm sure... have been trying to do as little as possible with it and have prolly overdone it, trying to do as little as I can..

I have however had a bit of help lately "my Son" but keeping his attention toward what I am paying him for is worse than pulling wisdom teeth...

But I should credit him, He has at least tried to help me and has done more of the strenuous stuff Or parts that are a bit challenging for me to do at the moment...
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