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Originally Posted by Whitetrash View Post
Sounds like the right path to me. It's one of the reasons I despise Fords. They make F--n-A-Sure every garden variety repair requires one Special Tool Two examples come to mind right off the top of my head. 90's Escort timing belt R&R the entire job can be done with metric wrenches from HF except. Wait for it the Timing Belt Tensioner takes a little dog leg 10mm wrench. Intake plenum on a 90's 5.7? (351) every bolt is run of the mill standard metric except for one in the center of the base of the plenum that requires an extra long male torx driver to remove. Sorry, this shit is not a coincidence. It's pretty pathetic when I can wrench all day on Japanese Nissans (when they actually require repairs) and after 10-15 years I think I might own 3 special tools mostly because they make it easier not because the job can't be done without them.
I prolly have 6-7K in specialty tools for HE, FE, and automotive work for all sorts of shit some I haven't used in years vehicle specific crap and I am still buying as needed kind of like machining tooling it never stops...

I messed with it tonight got it to act right but something is causing it to create air in the fluid I have a feeling the new pump as I discovered was new from A1C which was bought from ford... it's, in my opinion, a POS so I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a new one from summit racing and see how it works out almost and I mean "almost" betting it's the problem... parts from A1C are turds at best...
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