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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
If fords are anything like a normal steering box, when you turn to the lock it bumps open a port and dumps the pressure to the reservoir. Hold it into lock for 30 seconds, crank it to the lock position on the other direction and hold it again. This should flush the air from the box. The power brakes should poop out the air if held down hard.
You have oil returning but there is an airlock that is trapping it in a hose or in the box itself.
There will be a pile of foam, and your reservoir will drop as oil replaces air. The danger is dropping it too low and sucking in air again. You may have to repeat this maneuver.
I have had so much foam in one I did last fall, I have had to walk away and come back next morning after it settled down.
Tried it a few times on and off through the day and still doing the same thing I have a feeling something went south of the arctic pole with the power steering pump or Hydra-booster
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