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Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
The ones I bought from Amazon are plastic, but identical to the ones that see daily use in my local Menards and in the local farm store. I have to concerns about them not holding up.

The ones I see offered on Menards website are identical to the ones I bought from Amazon, just a bit less expensive.

Link to the ones I bought from Amazon:

Line to the ones from Menards:


Well, I am going to order the same ones you have but from Amazon. they are the same price for the pair as Menards... with shipping cost to me, and not being local for an in-store pickup. but will get free shipping with Amazon... so it will be 84 bucks and some change, well worth the time saver.

But, I think I'll go the same route as you. And get some nuts and bolts as well to match the TC, for the same reason ya can't always use the Thread checker on the board in some places... but will figure out a way to string them like some of the others... and maybe engrave them as well.

So, I appreciate, you pointing me, in the direction of these.
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