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This is a good thread!! The only thing I disagree with is angling the distribution line so water drains back to the compressor tank. I like to angle it to drain away from the compressor so the condensate is going with the air flow. Most home shops can be easily set up to do this. Complex industrial installations must have multiple drains through the system because it is impossible to run all the pipe to drain to one location.
The only thing common about most air plumbing set-ups is that they have nothing in common. Since my friend is not the most "maintainance concious" guy in the world, I think he will maybe remember to drain the tank. But if there is 5+ gallons of water in it when he does, my suprise meter won't move. Two drain points is too much for him to do. Maybe, I should get him an auto drain for Xmass, at least with his present set-up, he only needs one.

Anyway, the idea is that a little planning can go a long way. mark
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