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QUOTE=Scotts;737447]Need to understand how you have the foot switches disconnected. You are correct showing they are normally open. If you disconnected the wires to them you will not have continuity and get power to the level sensor, Hook them back up and set a weight on them while you troubleshoot


You should have power at T15 when you have all estops pulled out so the machine will operate, T15 supplies power to the foot switches, when both of the foot switches are pressed you should have power to the red wire on the level sensor.

no power at t-15

Also if you have the level sensor off the machine you will need to have the ground wire connected so the level sensor will complete the circuit to switch on the power. Once the level sensor is level you will have power at T17

The level sensor is grounded internally

If these sat out in the rain I would be looking at the estop buttons for corrosion, All the push buttons for corrosion. I also see some diodes on the drawing that may be on a circuit board, that don't like water. Also look for a blown fuse.

]estops are working no corrosion

]The diodes are in the control box wired directly to the terminals
no fuses other than the one on the charger which tested good
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