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Originally Posted by digr View Post
I dropped one on a motorcycle once and got it back by using one of these
yep, I bought one of those a few months ago comes in handy for sucking out power steering pumps and masters, etc.

Also picked up a pressure brake bleeder master kit. but it's only good for anything with rear ABS
"no beano por caca" on anything with 4W ABS...

I'm done with this one for now... lit the engine this afternoon and it runs and sounds good... considering he's got a Borla exhaust system which I'm not too fond of... the crackly sound that is... and it still needs the right tune in it...
and then It should have a little more of the right attitude. well once they figure out how to get the rear to hook up good. but it's not too bad for a street car.

Now... all that is left to do is, write up the bill, clean up the shop and drag in the next one to start on... but really don't feel like cleaning up the shop right now... but then again it will drive my butt crazy if I don't get it cleaned up
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