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Ok now I have the issue figured out the problem laid in the auxiliary control valve being it is a three-way directional valve and bypass, it was stuck in a manner it appeared to be a two way only.

But would not have known unless it was taken fully apart... which turned out to be not just one issue with this thing but just one of three, the cam to the TCU draft control was sheared off.

The TCU valve was full of garbage and some rust from water sitting in it and then the auxiliary valve was in position for the bucket attachment and the internal parts were bent from it being forced, And so the actuator and spring were seized in the actuator positioning housing.

So now I have ripped it all back down and in doing so I found loose bolts to pump shaft and PTO shaft drive socket coupling just ready to fall off into the bull gear housing.

But I did find the broken stud bolts and nuts from the lift arm camshaft...

So now tomorrow, Is another day and will be putting all the crap back together and hopefully, I have no issues like before getting the feeder line attached back to the TCU valve.
It is the worst part of the repair 6" curled bent tube to fit in a space only 2" wide not an easy thing to do. And no simple easy way to do it...
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