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I'm not sure but I might be looking at this all wrong but it appears that the auxiliary valve body supplies the fluid to the TCU valve body then the TCU supplies fluid to the 3 point piston and then back to the low-pressure line to the pump.

I'm a bit confused and not sure if I am seeing it correctly on the piping diagram
I'm going to need to walk away from it for a few as it is just frustrating the crap out of me... but it does appear the high from pump runs through the auxiliary control valve before it reaches the TCU valve body that then supplies fluid pressure to the 3-point...

anyway I met my match on this one it just keeps kicking my ass I fix one thing and something else is fudged up

but by chance, I could be looking at the piping diagram wrong or am I?
here is a diagram of the piping I have 1800 psi going to the auxiliary control valve but I have no pressure actually no fluid going to the TCU and I'm thinking the auxiliary control valve works in three positions
Click image for larger version

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