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Originally Posted by Lu47Dan View Post
Chris, dye the surface or use a sharpie to lay out the hole pattern, this will give you a visual reference to the hole locations while you are moving location on the plate.
Add a secondary pattern of 1/4" - 20 tapped holes.
Most work I have done on a plate is light machining, so it is handy to have smaller clamping accessories at times.
Once you lay out the 3/8" pattern, drill it before laying out the smaller 1/4" pattern or use a different color sharpie to mark them. Drilling many holes of two separate sizes can and does get confusing.
Already put on Dykem on the plate. I will only have four 1/2" holes to mount to the table. Will use flat allen head 1/2" screws to attach to the table 1/2" T nuts. I do need to get a set of 3/8" studs and clamps. I could get some 3/8" T nuts, then I would not need the 1/2" holes. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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