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Originally Posted by kbs2244 View Post
I would ask if the problem isn't your floor.
How much bridge do you have between supports?

I would try an oversized 1/2 inch plate for the machines to rest on.
It should bridge multiple floor supports and provide some mass to assorb any vibration.
The container has 12" centers under the floor, and the original wood floor. Very close grained hardwood.

I used the method you describe when I mounted the old lathe. I think I'll just have to modify the floor plate, and make some riser blocks that will be welded to the plate in place of the current bolts.

The angle (1 1/2 height at one end of lathe), calculated out to somewhere around a skosh over 1*. I could get all anal, and mill the blocks to this angle, or simply make square blocks, bolt them to the underside of the cabinet, and tack them to the plate...…..then finish weld it all out after I pull the plates from under the lathe. Lot less work, and the bead will fill the 1* gap nicely.
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