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I'm not John, but I will supply my opinion!

PlasmaCam has been in business for over 15 years...just designing and manufacturing entry level cnc cutting machines. They developed everything from the ground up specifically for plasma cutting....the software (both CAD and CAM) the hardware (lightweight gantry and carriage for great acceleration and high speed capability), the electronics, the height control system. The machine uses closed loop servodrives (most others in the low cost arena use steppers). The earliest machine (Model 98Z) had some issues....some control box failures, belt reduction drives that ate belts, and an electro mechanical drag type height control system that worked ok if you were a good tinkerer! The second iteration, the model DHC was much better. The belt drives were beefed up (no more issues) the control boxes were improved, and an arc voltage feedback torch height control was introduced that worked much better than the previous one. Some changes were made to CAD CAM software. Up to this point PlasmaCam also had some issues with system support...they were hard to make contact with for tech support...and had an almost non-existant warranty.

Like any good company...they listened to their customers, improved their product, their warranty and their support. The latest machines are the 4x4 DHC2, the Samson 5x10 and the GoTorch 2x2, all of which can be bought with minimal software and height control capabilities (which I don't recommend!) for a low competitive price...or with full height control capabilities and advanced CAD CAM....the likes of which make the machine far more productive, more accurate and make the torch consumables last longer.

Great company in my opinion, and great machines (the new ones...not the original two models).

Thats why I bought mine!


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John, if you don't mind, what swayed your opinion to spend your money on the plasma cam over any of the others available?
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