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I'd be interested in knowing the procedure for my own edification, but it looks like this project is not going to use chromolly after all. I went and looked at the bracket design and they had just wanted to weld a piece of 1x .120 wall chromolly (for strength) directly to a piece of plate, bolt that to the wall, weld a piece of tubing cut in half perpendicular to the end, then hang early 1900's Indian motorcycles from them. I redesigned the whole thing with a gusset and a vee at the end and just plan on using a piece of 1 1/8" CRS. The plate and gusset mount on the cast in place concrete wall and are hidden by the wallboard so the only thing you see will be the rod sticking out. I am marginally concerned about a safety strap on them and may try to figure out some way to do that, but they will only be a foot or two off the ground.
I need to draw it up tonight (wish I could draw as well as digger) and submit it tomorrow. If it flys I'll post it up in the Fab section.
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